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Illustration of car with Vehicle History Report

Vehicle History Reports (VHR)

CARFAX Canada's Vehicle History Reports are the industry standard, delivering more insight into a vehicle's history than any other source. Drawing on billions of data records from thousands of sources, CARFAX Canada VHRs check for:

  • Accidents
  • Total loss
  • Salvage
  • Rebuilt
  • Frame and structural damage
  • Flood and hail damage
  • Vehicle theft
  • Service and inspection records
  • Repair estimates and costs
  • Open recalls
  • Airbag deployment
  • Odometer readings and rollbacks
  • Registration
  • Lemons/CAMVAP
  • Canada import records
  • Detailed U.S. history
  • Accident-free vehicles

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Illustration of figure connected to a car with a chain and dollar sign


CARFAX Canada lien checks are a simple and convenient way to know if the vehicle you are purchasing is clear of any registered liens, and include: 

  • Single and multi-province lien searches
  • Lien checks on recreational vehicles
  • User interface (UI) and API

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Illustration of bar code with overlay of Yes or No

VIN Scan Summary

VIN Scan Summary provides a trim-level decode, simple yes/no flags for a multitude of vehicle history and valuation data points, current registration, and mileage data for a single VIN.  It's a cost-effective way to see key aspects of a vehicle's history at a glance.  Examples of data include:

  • Total damage over $X (customized threshold)
  • Title brands
  • Stolen
  • Potential VIN clone
  • First registration date
  • Odometer discrepancy

VIN Scan Summary allows for:

  • API or UI integration into existing workflows

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Illustration of chart overlayed with excel worksheet

VIN Scan Detail

VIN Scan Detail provides files, with specific groupings of history attributes, based on the needs of your business - whether it’s finance, credit, sales/marketing, remarketing, collateral management, or other risk mitigation initiatives. File output can be accessed via API or bulk sFTP upload. Examples of VIN Scan Detail files include:

  • Vehicle Description
  • Vehicle Demographic
  • Latest Activity
  • Potential Problem Indicator
  • Potential Damage
  • Ownership History
  • Severe Problem
  • Proxy Odometer
  • Potential Fraud

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Illustration of magnifying glass on top of sheet of VINs and charts

VIN Scan Monitoring

VIN Scan Monitoring provides users with notifications when a major vehicle history event has occurred. Features include:

  • User portal access
  • Bulk or single VIN upload; CSV output
  • Unlimited number of VINs can be monitoring simultaneously
  • Monitoring frequency can be customized, and can be as often as nightly, making it ideal for high risk scenarios
  • Receive e-mail alerts when new records appear
  • Customized flagging - only get alerts on activity that’s important for your business
  • Monitored activity includes:
    • Title branding
    • Severe problem
    • Registration
    • Service
    • Exported
    • Inactive
    • VHR ordered
    • Recall
    • Stolen
    • Theft Recovery

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