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Building a website that sells cars

by Drew Harden, Fri, Jun 29, 2018

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Browsing dealerships – lots of them – is still a popular way to shop for used vehicles. But, if you’re picturing someone spending their Saturday going from lot to lot, it’s time for an update. Today, your website is the most popular tool used for vehicle shopping. Dealership websites are used by 51% of used car buyers, who will visit an average of 5.3 different dealership sites during their search. Shopping the dealership isn’t dead – it’s moved online, and we’ve learned why customers are visiting your website, and what you can do to build a website that helps you bring customers into your store.



Visiting a dealership website IS a dealership visit

Your website shows customers what to expect if they visit your store in person. In fact, 2 out of 3 used car buyers believe that a positive website experience means they’ll have a positive experience in your dealership. Likewise, 48% of used car buyers won’t even bother coming to your store if they have a bad experience on your website.




What can you do?

When a used car buyer visits your website, their goals aren’t very different from shopping in person. They want to browse your inventory, confirm pricing or learn more about a car they found on a listing site.


Simple search features and easy access to key vehicle info are the best ways to create a positive online experience. Used car buyers rate current condition, mileage, accident history and maintenance/service history as the top things they want to know when they’re looking at a vehicle, so put this info front and centre.


What’s the risk?

If your website is missing certain information, or that information is hidden behind a lead wall, customers won’t want to visit your dealership. Think less about What do I want to share? and more about What info does the buyer need to compare this vehicle with others? And if you want to learn exactly which details will help set your vehicles apart so you win that comparison, check out our article on how to make your listings stand out.

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