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Which marketing messages actually bring customers into the dealership?

Does your dealership proclaim that it’s been a proud member of the community since 1967? Invite people to come and see your new state of the art facility? Or maybe even tell everyone that you put...

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Do customers care about dealership groups?

Dealership groups suggest that through pooling the resources of many dealerships, they can offer their customers benefits beyond the capabilities of a single store. We wanted to know; how...

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Is it time to change how your team handles sales and finance?

Today, the typical vehicle buying process means that customers may spend hours building a relationship with a salesperson, only to be handed over to a business manager once they’ve finally worked...

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Get Customers to Trust Your Advice

The next customer that walks into your dealership may leave with one of your cars but is unlikely to take your advice. While a car buyer seeking advice will consult 2-3 sources while shopping, a...

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Where are car buyers getting advice?

It’s not hard to find advice on which car to buy and how to handle the purchase process. In a survey of 2000 recent new and used car buyers, CARFAX Canada Driving Insights found that 90% of car...

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Canadian’s Attitudes Towards Buying a Car Online Have Changed.

When we first asked car buyers if they would like to buy their next vehicle online, it was late 2019 and only 12% of Canadian used car buyers were ready to buy entirely online. Since then, the...

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Key to Trade-In Values: Early and Accurate

The trade-in process continues to be a point of dissatisfaction for new and used car buyers. Luckily, we already know that you can win more trades and create more satisfied customers by adjusting...

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