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Used car buyers are testing your knowledge – can you pass?

Attention dealers; used car buyers are testing you on your vehicle knowledge. 51% of Canadian used car buyers told us the last time they bought a vehicle, they tested the sales person by asking a question they already researched the answer to.

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How to Stop Losing Service Customers

The service department is often referred to as the backbone of the dealership; it’s known to bring hard-earned customers back in again and again. Surprisingly, we found that on average only 31% of...

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How Do You Create Loyal Service Customers?

Loyal service customers are extremely profitable. Not only do these customers spend their time and money in the service bay, but 55% of used car buyers who service at a dealership will buy their...

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Sell Your Service Department to Sell More Cars

Did you know that your most effective used car sales team is likely your service department? Among used car buyers who service at a dealership, 74% shop that dealership for their next used...

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Win the trade today and a customer for tomorrow

Have you ever heard of someone winning a deal and losing a customer at the same time? Winning a trade today is great, but the business of selling cars and getting great trades is quickly becoming...

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Win more trades: Recognize your customers’ hard work

It’s well known that the used car buying process doesn’t start when a customer shows up at your dealership’s lot. It’s likely that the customer has done hours of research beforehand and may...

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Why did that customer turn down your trade-in offer?

If you want to win more trades, you need to know exactly what makes a buyer reject or accept a deal. Today’s used car buyers are hard to impress; 45% of them that go through the trade-in process...

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