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How Comfortable Are Your Customers With Buying a Car That’s Been in an Accident?

Thu, Oct 13, 2022

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Accidents are unexpected, frustrating and stressful, but they’re an unfortunate reality of driving. Vehicle damage, big and small, can be repaired and impacted vehicles will often continue operating like nothing ever happened. When it comes to previous accident history, 86% of used vehicle buyers said that this information was important when they bought their vehicle. But what will they do when they hear the car’s been in an accident?

The good news is a bit of accident history isn’t likely to change someone’s decision to buy a car. If a vehicle has been repaired, 82% of used car buyers are open to buying a car that has been in a minor accident, and 20% are even open to buying a vehicle that has been in a major accident. There are also additional steps a dealership can take to make car buyers comfortable with buying a vehicle that has been in an accident, with the three most popular options being:article-8-EN

Customers want to know if the vehicle they’re buying has been in an accident, but most used car buyers have no problem buying a vehicle that has some accident history. You can make potential buyers even more comfortable by being transparent about the accident details and providing the customer the opportunity to get an inspection. Being upfront about accident information has also been shown to make online listings stand out, signals to customers that the accident history is nothing to worry about and will build trust with your customers from the moment they start interacting with you.

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