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Backed by the trusted CARFAX Canada brand, our automotive data solutions for the extended warranty industry deliver an efficient and cost-effective approach to risk mitigation.


Improve accuracy
Use CARFAX Canada vehicle history data such as in-service date, current mileage, odometer rollbacks, number of previous owners and registration type to determine extended plan eligibility and to price a policy more accurately.

Get insight into:

•  Vehicle details (trim level decode)
•  Vehicle in-service date
•  Mileage accuracy at policy inception – current mileage and odometer rollbacks
•  Previous ownership history
•  Registration type
•  Pre-existing damage disclosure
•  Open recalls that may impact the warranty


Portfolio Audit

Stay up-to-date
Use CARFAX Canada vehicle history data to identify inactive policies in your portfolio. 

Get insight into:

•  New owner reported
•  Mileage accuracy
•  Title brands
•  Police reported accidents
•  Vehicle ownership history
•  Vehicle in-service date



Protect against fraud
Identify potential fraud with access to information such as pre-existing damage, title brands, odometer rollbacks and more.

Settle claims faster
Protect the interests of your customers and business by efficiently and fairly resolving claims issues with service/maintenance records and damage history.

Get insight into:

•  Damage history - title brands or accidents
•  Mileage at the time of a claim
•  Service and maintenance records
•  Vehicle ownership changes

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