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Improve underwriting and boost claims efficiency with Canada’s most trusted and comprehensive source of vehicle history information.

Claims, Fraud & SIU

Gain valuable insight with key flags and data points to help fight fraud, reduce loss costs, and settle claims faster. 

CARFAX Canada vehicle history data flags can be used during claims triage to expedite a valid claim at first notice of loss (when no flags appear), help identify potential fraud or indicate a diminished value.

Identify potential fraud

  • Ownership type
  • Potential VIN clone
  • Inactive

Identify diminished value

  • Title branding
  • Previous accidents and damage
  • Potential odometer problem
  • Flood damage

Total loss process

Once deemed a total loss, CARFAX Canada data can help with determining the asset’s value and checking for lienholder information.

Underwriting & Rating

CARFAX Canada vehicle history data is an indispensable tool for personal and commercial underwriting and pricing of new, and renewal, auto business.

Valuable data points include:

Mileage data

e.g., annual mileage, self-reported mileage and odometer rollbacks
  • Identify potential odometer problems
  • Verify self-reported mileage and road exposure
  • Properly rate and price policies

Ownership data

e.g., ownership history, length of ownership and ownership type
  • Powerful predictor of future losses
  • Identify misrepresentation of use
  • Fine tune your rating variables

    Damage history data

    e.g., minor damage such as hail, and severe problems such as flood damage, salvage and stolen status
    • More accurately assess a vehicle’s insurability
    • Avoid fraudulent claims before they happen
    • Mitigate risk

Benchmarking Tool 

CARFAX Canada has developed a benchmarking tool that allows insurers to compare the distribution of history attributes in their book against that of all vehicles in operation (VIO) in Canada. Over-indexing against key vehicle history data points has been proven to directly impact residual pure premiums.

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