Logo Usage Guideline

It is essential to the integrity of the CARFAX Canada brand that the logo be used in accordance with these guidelines.

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Our name will appear as; CARFAX Canada (All caps ‘CARFAX’ followed by ‘Canada’ as our company and its products are different from CARFAX in the United States).

Minimum size

Print logo


The smallest the logo should appear is 1" in width.

Digital Logo


The smallest the logo should appear is 12px in height, though 16px is preferred.

Placing on top of solid colours and photos

  • Use the standard logo on top of white, light, and medium colours – up until the black boxes become difficult to see.
  • Use the reverse logo on top of medium-dark, dark, and black colours.

Correct Logo Usage - Solid


  • Avoid busy images with too much detail.

  • Darken or lighten the area behind the logo to ensure good visibility of the logo. 

Correct Logo Usage - Photo

Clear space

To ensure legibility, always keep a minimum amount of clear space around the logo.

This isolates the logo from any competing graphic elements like other logos or body copy that might conflict with, overcrowd, or reduce the impact of the logo.

  • The minimum clear space is defined by the height of the A, shown in blue.

  • The proportions of this minimum space should be maintained as the size of the logo is scaled.

Clear Space

Unacceptable usage

It is important for brand success that the logo be displayed correctly. This includes using the correct colours, relative positioning and size of the elements.

DO NOT compromise the logo by:

  • Rotating, skewing, or distorting in any way – this includes adding text treatments like drop shadows and outlines.

  • Adding line(s) of text directly below, above, or beside the logo.

wrong usage

Web Buttons

These buttons are to be used online only. Please do not use them in print materials.

Download buttons

The VIEW REPORT(A) button has been designed to be used on your used vehicle listings.

The VIEW REPORT(A), BUY REPORT(B) and REQUEST REPORT(C) buttons are available for use on used vehicle listings.


If you require further clarification on the use of the CARFAX Canada logo, please contact the Branding Team.