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How to Help Your Customers Enjoy the Used Car Buying Process

As Canadian car dealership managers and staff, you have a tough job – helping millions of Canadians find the perfect car for them. We asked Canadians how they felt about the used car buying process...

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How Do Your Customers Feel About Their Cars?

A salesperson can sell more cars in a month than their customers will own in a lifetime. Buying or selling a car is something we deal with every day, buying and owning a car is a big deal for your...

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How to Defeat the #1 Pain Point of Canadian Used Car Buyers

After surveying thousands of Canadians, we found that the biggest pain points customers have when buying used cars is that they don’t know if the vehicle is in good shape. Purchasing a car is one of...

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The Rules to Maintaining Meaningful Relationships with Your Customers

As you already know, maintaining relationships with your customers is extremely important. We found that the leading reason customers return to the same dealership is because of a great relationship;...

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What Drives Dealership Loyalty?

Used car buyers want to come back to your dealership. We found that right after buying a car 64% say that they plan to return to the same dealership for their next car. However, once it finally comes...

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How to Create Brand Loyal Customers

Brand loyalty is beneficial to both dealerships and OEMs since a loyal group of car owners means ongoing sales and revenue for both. Used car buyers are very interested in staying with the same brand...

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Should I Adopt a “No-Haggle” Approach?

Getting rid of negotiation is an idea that many dealerships are experimenting with. After all, negotiation has always been a top pain point for used car buyers, and in today’s online listing...

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