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Are customers simply browsing or are they picking a dealership? | Driving Decisions

Before driving away in their next vehicle, car buyers need to decide what type of vehicle they’ll buy, what make and model, and where they should buy it. Commonly, customers have decided on one or...

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Certified Pre-Owned Buyers: What are they looking for?

Certified pre-owned (CPO) programs have become extremely popular, with almost all manufacturers and dealerships offering some version of it. But the cost and components of a certified program can...

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Used Car Buyers: What Are They Looking For? | Driving Decisions

Buying a used car is very different than buying new. There is no ‘used car factory’ that can produce vehicles with all the ideal options to the buyer, so on top of having to decide which make and...

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New Car Buyers: What Are They Looking For? | Driving Decisions

The needs of a vehicle buyer can vary depending on if they’re going to buy new, used, or certified pre-owned. These changing needs impact how a dealership should provide information to potential...

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Is There a ‘Right Time’ to Reach Out to Your Customers About Trading In? | Driving Decisions

If there ever was a typical length of car ownership, there isn’t one anymore. Now there are opportunities to win trades and sell cars after any length of ownership for both new and used car buyers.

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What Motivates a Car Buyer to Start Their Search? | Driving Decisions

The beginning of the car buying process starts with a motive – something that makes a new or used car buyer decide that it’s time to start shopping for a vehicle. A customer’s motivations will impact...

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Looking Back to Drive Forward – Top 3 Insights from 2021

In 2021, we surveyed over 2000 new and used car buyers to help bring you the insights necessary to be even more successful throughout another tough year in the auto industry. We looked at a variety...

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