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What Motivates a Car Buyer to Start Their Search? | Driving Decisions

The beginning of the car buying process starts with a motive – something that makes a new or used car buyer decide that it’s time to start shopping for a vehicle. A customer’s motivations will impact...

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Looking Back to Drive Forward – Top 3 Insights from 2021

In 2021, we surveyed over 2000 new and used car buyers to help bring you the insights necessary to be even more successful throughout another tough year in the auto industry. We looked at a variety...

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Converting Cash Customers: How to Gain More Dealership Finance Customers

Once upon a time, a car buyer showed up to your store with a cooler full of cold hard cash because cash was king and paying cash could get you a better deal. Now, modern technology can approve...

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The Case for Starting the Finance Journey on your Website

You’ve just spent three hours with a customer and when it’s time to run their credit, you learn the bank won't even loan them a pen. So, you decide to discuss credit up-front with your next customer...

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Which Marketing Messages Actually Bring Customers Into the Dealership?

Does your dealership proclaim that it’s been a proud member of the community since 1967? Invite people to come and see your new state of the art facility? Or maybe even tell everyone that you put...

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Do customers care about dealership groups?

Dealership groups suggest that through pooling the resources of many dealerships, they can offer their customers benefits beyond the capabilities of a single store. We wanted to know; how appealing...

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Is It Time To Change How Your Team Handles Sales and Finance?

Today, the typical vehicle buying process means that customers may spend hours building a relationship with a salesperson, only to be handed over to a business manager once they’ve finally worked out...

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