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Win More Trades: Recognize Your Customers’ Hard Work

It’s well known that the used car buying process doesn’t start when a customer shows up at your dealership’s lot, and today’s customers are more prepared than ever with available information. When it...

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Why Did Your Customer Turn Down Your Offer?

If you want to win more trades, you need to know exactly what makes a buyer reject or accept a deal. Today’s used car buyers seem to be accepting offers more frequently, but that’s not completely the...

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Justify the Trade Today to Win a Customer Tomorrow

Have you ever heard of someone winning a deal and losing a customer at the same time? Winning a trade today is great, but the business of selling cars and getting great trades is quickly becoming...

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Why customers buy warranties (and why they don’t)

With customers saying they would be interested in buying warranties online, understanding why customers buy these products becomes even more important. If this process is online, it means you don’t...

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How should you prepare for online vehicle buyers?

The majority of car buyers find their next vehicle online and there are many different tools available that make it possible to purchase that vehicle online too. But how many car buyers are ready to...

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How important is a physical dealership for your customers?

With car buyers relying heavily on online tools to find their next vehicle, the era of spending a Saturday going from dealership to dealership, kicking tires and collecting brochures is long gone....

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Where are used car buyers finding their cars?

Used car buyers are very invested in their vehicle search. Not only do they have to find the right make and model, they also need to select the ideal unit, which could be why the typical used car...

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