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Where are used car buyers finding their cars?

Used car buyers are very invested in their vehicle search. Not only do they have to find the right make and model, they also need to select the ideal unit, which could be why the typical used car...

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Where Are New Car Buyers Finding Their Cars?

When it comes to trying to connect new car buyers with your vehicles, sources like listing sites, reviews, manufacturers, and many others all offer to help with this. But with so many options...

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How Comfortable Are Your Customers With Buying a Car That’s Been in an Accident?

Accidents are unexpected, frustrating and stressful, but they’re an unfortunate reality of driving. Vehicle damage, big and small, can be repaired and impacted vehicles will often continue operating...

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When it Comes to Used Cars, What Vehicle Details do Your Customers Actually Care About?

Used car buyers have an additional challenge – while figuring out what make and model of vehicle they’d like to buy, they also have to decide which specific unit is right for them. Having the right...

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Are customers simply browsing or are they picking a dealership? | Driving Decisions

Before driving away in their next vehicle, car buyers need to decide what type of vehicle they’ll buy, what make and model, and where they should buy it. Commonly, customers have decided on one or...

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Certified Pre-Owned Buyers: What are they looking for?

Certified pre-owned (CPO) programs have become extremely popular, with almost all manufacturers and dealerships offering some version of it. But the cost and components of a certified program can...

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Used Car Buyers: What Are They Looking For? | Driving Decisions

Buying a used car is very different than buying new. There is no ‘used car factory’ that can produce vehicles with all the ideal options to the buyer, so on top of having to decide which make and...

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